Our GDG Journey

Posted By: Unknown On Thursday, 1 August 2013

As GDG Kimathi University, we like embracing change and its high time we started sharing with the world what we have been up to on this blog.

We started this GDG in November 2012, and have been able to build a solid community around our campus.

What have we accomplished:


Collaborating with a Computer Society of Kimathi in coming up with the first Rhok Hackathon in Nyeri dubbed as Rhok Nyeri 2012. #rkoknyeri



First Meetup

February Meetup, where we officially welcomed the members and got to tell them what GDG is really about. 

We came up with some of the Technologies the members wanted to cover. They were:
  • Android Programming
  • Google App Engine with Python
  • HTML 5
  • Google APIs 
  • Chrome Extensions

Google I/O Ext Nyeri

Google I/O ext Nyeri 2013. This was one of our big event  of the year. It was a 3 day event, where we had a viewing party of the whole I/O. It was like we were there, we didn't miss any of the sessions, starting from Keynote, to the last event of the I/O, the Airshow. Here are some of the Photos from the ioextended.

Francis Gikeri, GSA Kimathi University 2012/2013 giving a talk

The viewing party

Arlus Ishmael, GDG Kimathi University addressing the audience

This is a summarized post of what we have been doing since the beginning of our chapter in Nyeri, Kenya.

We are planning DevFest Nyeri 2013 and we hope you can attend.

We will post more so as to keep you updated on what we have been up to.

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